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Q 1: What is a gemstone?

A: Gemstones are remedies for life, rare but blessed with miraculous powers to bring life-changing effects in all aspects of life - health, wealth and relations. All gemstones exhibit distinct colors. We, at Drishti Gems, deliver Natural gemstones to enhance the quality of your life.

Q 2: What is the history of gemstones?

The history of gemstones is as vast as the ocean. In India, the use of precious gemstones is since ancient times. Scriptural evidence shows that gemstones were created even before the universe. Gemstones carry a hidden mystery within.

Q 3: How to know which gemstone to wear?

The appropriate and perfect way to know which gemstone to wear, one must consult an expert astrologer. According to various factors- Kundali, planets position and many more. The astrologer will recommend the most appropriate gemstone suitable.

Q 4: How to buy gemstones online?

Buying Natural gemstones online is a perfect way - 100% Natural, at your own comfort, protects from buying overpriced, Guaranteed Lab- Certification. DRISHTI GEMS is the ideal choice to buy 100% Natural, precious gemstones with guaranteed Lab-certification, and sensible pricing at the luxury of your comfort.