Natural Sapphire

made from the corundum family

South Sea Pearl

one of the old and luxurious Gemstone

Natural White Sapphire

is one of the precious and unique gemstones.

Natural Ruby

King of Precious Stones

Natural Pink Sapphire

is one of the most stunning and beloved gemstones

Natural Emerald

Emerald is a precious gemstone

Natural Coral

is the natural gemstone found in the deep sea and ocean.

Natural Blue Sapphire

is mainly named Neelam Stone

Keshi Pearl

is elegance and timeless beauty.

Hessonite Garnet

is believed to be filled with energies

Cat's Eye

is enough to tell about the glory


Gemstones are minerals that are extracted from different mines. Drishti Gems are the lead suppliers and sellers of precious Gemstones that are mainly used for adornment purposes. In today’s era of modernization, where everyone wants to be a fashionista and at the same time want to be health-conscious, Gemstones are a game changer here, as they are the symbol of rarity, durability, luxury, and charms to others.

Gemstones are a status symbol, and they are categorized into different shapes, sizes, and colors.Drishti Gems is a top provider of precious Gemstones and will help you shop with ease, serving astrological predictions. They both go hand in hand.

What Makes Us Stand Out From The Crowd ?

We have created a long-lasting relationship with our past clients based on the trust and reliability that we will always keep. Drishti Gems were the first one who took the first-mover advantage in gems valuation and protection, offering a genuinely independent service.

Our qualified gemologists offer accurate valuation reports within a specified timespan. We provide the professional valuation services you need.